The Field

Due to its gravel/rocky runway, our field has been known as “Bedrock”. After considerable effort by many members, we now have a carpeted runway and the name “Bedrock” is not thrown around as much anymore.

The runway consists of several rolls of synthetic turf that was recycled from hockey and soccer fields. The results speak for themselves:

  • Smoother surface for models
  • Allows the use of smaller and scale sized landing gear
  • No more rocks flying up and punching holes in the bottom of wings
  • Ability to fly belly landers

In a nutshell, we now have the benefits of a turf strip without the maintenance that goes with it. It has been a hit with members and will continue to grow as more rolls are procured.

Image from the flight box looking West

Image from the flight box looking East

Image from above with the flight box spectator benches visible. Oct 2018

Runway setup

It took a few working working bees to get the runway to where it is now.

Image from above looking West with the flight box on the right. Oct 2010

In 2016 we trialed a carpeted runway and it proved successful.

Different strips and colours of carpet were laid down and over time the carpeted section got bigger. This was more of a ‘function over form’ type of runway and it worked very well

Between 2017 and 2018
We managed to get thicker and much better quality carpet in larger quantities and got to work laying it down