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Cronulla Model Aero Club (CMAC) is medium sized club operating on a flying field adjacent to Heathcote Road in southern Sydney. We fly across all disciplines of the sport including gas,glow,electric and turbine fixed wing aircraft as well as helis and multirotors.

The origins of Club are a little indistinct. It is known, however, that a group of like minded enthusiasts began building and flying control line models in the 50’s and used school playgrounds in and around the Cronulla area. The advent of radio control attracted many members who delighted in dabbling in things like reed valves, escapements and the like which comprised early radio “control”. When proportional radio hit the scene it soon became apparent that school-yards and local parks had been superseded and the need arose to seek an appropriate venue for the new-found freedom of radio control operation. Several criteria had to be considered when the location of a flying field was deliberated. Firstly, it must be close enough to afford reasonable access; it must be sufficiently removed from habitation to provide a noise barrier and it must offer reasonable terrain for model operation. The club therefore negotiated with the then Department of Lands to obtain a lease on a piece of land “out in the bush” adjacent to Heathcote Road, Menai and that venue has been our “home” since 1970. Because of its gravel airstrip it was affectionately known as “Bedrock” for many years until it was renamed “The Bill Edwards Memorial Field” following the death of one of our favorite sons several years ago.

The majority of members comprise of “Sunday fliers”, however there are several members that enjoy competition flying and attend scale events. As such there is a broad diversity of models and disciplines that make this club so unique. Our runway is about 220m long and 40m wide allowing large models the safely use the strip. 

Visitors to the field are always welcome and have look forward to flying with us provided they are members of an affiliated club and have a current MAAA membership. 

Flying days are on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Please take the time to look around this site. We also have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cronullamodelaeroclub/