Club Rules Update

There has been some changes to the club rules. These were discussed in the last exec committee meeting and has been passed and implemented. Below are the changes or you can visit the following page to view the whole list and download the PDF.

Club Rules

Added new rules 4.13, 4.14, 4.15

4.13 When taking off using a model with undercarriage (not hand launched), the take-off must be in the direction of the circuit and the climb out should be no greater than 30 degrees and join the pattern of existing models flying without disruption or risk of collision. Taking off across the strip and/or climbing vertically into traffic already in the circuit is strictly prohibited.

4.14 Hand launched models may be launched across the strip into the prevailing wind as required, but it’s the responsibility of the pilot hand launching to ensure that they join the pattern of existing models flying without disruption or risk of collision.

4.15 Aerobatic flight including hovering is not to be done over the runway or in any area where existing aircraft are flying circuits. It’s the responsibility of the pilot doing aerobatic maneuvers to keep well clear of other aircraft flying circuits. It’s best to wait for a time with no other aircraft flying to conduct aggressive maneuvers and/or hovering.

Section 5 renamed from Flight Times to Flying Times Added new rules 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7

Added new rule 10.7
10.7 Emergency phone numbers and the field’s address and GPS location are on the notice board for reference in an emergency. It’s recommended to also load the free phone application called ‘Emergency +’. It will provide contact to emergency services and GPS location.

Added new Section 11 and Rules 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3

11.1 If any full size or manned aircraft come within 1000 metres of the field, all flying is to cease as soon as practical to land. Under no circumstances should anyone knowing fly in the vicinity of any full size or manned aircraft. Note this excludes the airliners overflying us at heights in excess of 4000 feet AGL.

11.2 Any birds flying in the area are to be avoided as far is it’s safe and practical to do so. Try to stay at least 50 metres from all birds and do not attempt to chase or follow any birds in flight.

11.3 Please be mindful of venomous snakes at the field. There have been many sighted recently. If you see any wildlife including snakes, move away from them and leave them alone. Keep an eye out for snakes in all areas of the field including the carpark and pits as we have seen snakes in these areas before. It’s strongly recommended to wear sturdy shoes or boots. Thongs are not permitted at any time at the field.